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March 25th, 2020 5:30 pm

CPI Core Shutdown Announcement for Hourly Employees

Unemployment Benefit Information for State of Minnesota

March 24th, 2020 3:30 pm

You may be aware that Wisconsin Governor Evers has issued a Safer at Home Emergency Order, effective at 8:00 am on March 25th, and will be in effect until 8:00 am on April 24th

There are a few exceptions to this order, one of which is applicable to your employment at Core Molding Technologies. Specifically, the Core exception is applicable to Section 13 (parts a and v) of the attached Health Order #12. Section 13a states that if our company qualifies per the CISA list, then as an employee of that company you are exempt from this order in terms of travelling between your home and work. Section 13v calls out a couple other manufacturing sectors, specifically Agriculture and Transportation supply, that would be exempt from this order.

Below is a communication from Eric Palomaki, Core Molding Technologies VP of Operations, that specifically communicates our exemption in regards to Section 13a of the order.

I would suggest that you print out this this message, along with the two documents below, and plan to carry them with you when travelling between your home and work, just in case you are stopped and questioned about your presence outside of your home.

Core Essential Business Designation

Health Order #12 Safer At Home – Wisconsin

March 20th, 2020 12:30 pm

As of March 20th, only our GM products (Malibu and Tailgate) have been affected by a customer shutdown. GM is shutting down all of its plants by the end of the day on March 20th. They are planning to be shutdown at least through the end of March. No other Winona customers have informed us of any shutdowns or reduction in orders. 

The Winona plant is planning to remain open the week of March 23rd. Your Supervisor will contact you if you are not required to work during any part of the week. All office and salary personnel are expected to report to work as normal.

We will update this website with relevant information as it becomes available, but no later than Thursday evening of each week to discuss each following week. Please contact your immediate Supervisor or Manager with any questions you may have.

We have included a local Winona Health informational resource that you can use if anything comes up related to the health of you or your family. It has some good information about what to do if you suspect you have contracted COVID-19. Remember, if you are feeling sick, please stay home and notify your Supervisor/Manager.

Winona Health COVID-19 Employer Communication

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