Core & Telecommunications


Core and Telecommunications

Core Molding Technologies has been producing a variety of products for the Telecommunications industry for over 10 years. With an industry leading variety of composite processes, Core has the capability to engineer and develop solutions to meet the challenges associated with this industry.

• Radomes • Transmitter Covers • Satellite Dishes • Antennas

Corrosion Resistance

Composites meet or exceed many challenging performance standards, while preventing rot, rust and corrosion. Many systems would recover better than traditional metals when being exposed to harsh environments.


Having an excellent strength to weight ratio can improve safety and ease of installation in the field.

Low Conductivity

Composites low electrical and thermal conductivity provide a benefit in many applications over traditional materials.

Uniform Surfaces

The uniform surfaces that composites processes provide allow for excellent reflectivity in molded products.

New Opportunities 

If you would like to discuss a potential opportunity with Core, please contact us.

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