Core & Heavy Truck

Core & Heavy Truck

Core and Heavy Truck

Core Molding Technologies started in the Heavy Truck industry in the early 1980’s with one plant and one customer. Today Core employs multiple manufacturing locations and a strong relationship with every Heavy Truck manufacturer in North American.

• Hoods • Roofs • Fender Extensions • Sunvisors
• Air Deflectors • Cab Extenders • Engine Covers • Shielding


Every pound taken out of the vehicles mass is a pound that can be freighted and turned into revenue for your customer. Core is the leader in low mass high strength material development and commercialization.


Composites are known for their durability and resistance to chemicals and corrosives that every truck owner will deal with in the life cycle of a Heavy Truck. Less corrosion equals more up time which equals to more revenue to your customer.

Application Specific Materials

Heavy Trucks have specific requirements that the average vehicle will never see with in it’s life cycle. Core has the expertise to custom formulate materials that specifically target the needed application and ensure maximum durability.

Lower Cost Composites

Every Heavy Truck purchase has a component of cost in the equation. Composites continue to be the low cost, high durability option with lower overall tooling investment and a competitive piece price. Core can work with you to determine the right process and the right material to achieve your goals.
Composites are often used to replace several components in an application. Let Core’s engineering team work with you to reduce your part number count and component complexity.

North American Coverage

In today’s market the cost of freight has become a large portion of the cost equation. Core has four strategically located facilities to serve the manufacturing base of North America.

New Opportunities 

If you would like to discuss a potential opportunity with Core, please contact us.




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