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Core & Commercial

Core and Commercial

Core Molding Technologies offers a complete process line suited to varying industry needs. Our comprehensive approach includes engineering and developing solutions, along with program management from concept to production. Core takes pride in developing solutions that solve the complex problems that can be found in industrial application while providing a superior return on investment.

• Fan Blade • Fan Cylinders • Enclosures • Satellites
• HVAC • Lighting • Medical • Trays

Corrosion Resistance

Composites can highlight the best qualities of more typical materials, such as wood and metal, while preventing rot, rust and corrosion. 

Thermal Characteristics

Composites have a very low rate of thermal conductivity and are the materials of choice in high heat high and/or humidity applications. Composites also have a very high degree of dimensional stability and can withstand large variation in temperature exposure.


Composites have a higher strength-to-weight ratio than most steel and aluminum alloys. Composites can also be tailored to add strength where needed without the need for additional components or support structures.

Application Specific Materials

Composites have the advantage of being a combination of many individual component materials. The ability to mix match and vary the component amount allows composites to be tailored to the application.

Competitive Cost

Composites offer lower tooling and the ability to combine multiple pieces into one component eliminating waste and additional manpower.

North American Coverage

Core offers four strategic North American manufacturing locations.

New Opportunities 

If you would like to discuss a potential opportunity with Core, please contact us.

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