Core in Ag & Construction

Core and Agricultural

Core in Ag & Construction

Core Molding Technologies provides a unique mix of materials, processes and geographic locations needed to exceed the expectations of our construction and agricultural OEM needs.  Core’s ability to produce parts using a variety of processes from a variety of locations makes Core the right choice for your construction and agricultural FRP needs.

• Hoods • Roofs • Fenders
• Battery Trays • Structural Components • Shields

Increase Payload Capacity

Increase your payload capacity through strategic light-weighting of your equipment.  Convert your heavy product components into light-weight composites to increase payload capacity for your customers!  Utilizing our various processes and materials, Core can produce lighter body panels and structural reinforcements to allow your design groups to increase payload where it counts the most.

Corrosion Resistance

Give your products longer life and avoid quality problems and costly warranty claims due to corrosion and chemical damage by utilizing composites.  Core can assist you in designing corrosion and chemically resistance parts through the use of styrene monomers and custom formulations for application specific composite products.

Application Specific Materials

Core has a variety of processes to meet the application specific needs of your product.  With processes ranging from RIM, to various custom material formulations in Compression Molding, to RTM, V-RTM, Spray-up and Lay-up, Core has the ability to custom fit your product in the right process, materials, and correct location best suited to meet your needs.

Lower Cost Through Composites

Avoid continued high cost increases from the steel and other industries by development of or conversion to lower cost composite materials.

Integration of Multiple Components

Combining multiple components into fewer parts saves both on weight, as well as on assembly and labor costs.  Let Core help you eliminate cost through components integration into fewer parts through composite technology.

Reduce Compaction

Improve your crop yield by reducing soil compaction through strategic light-weighting of your equipment through use of composites.  Let Core help you identify applications where strategic light-weighting can reduce your overall weight and costs through the use of our composite formulations and various manufacturing technologies.

North American Manufacturing Coverage

Core has strategic manufacturing coverage throughout North America.  Diversified processes in conjunction with a variety of strategic locations across North America will help serve your manufacturing facility needs best.

New Opportunities 

If you would like to discuss a potential opportunity with Core, please contact us.


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