Job: Molding Technician

Title Molding Technician
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Job Title Molding Technician
Location Columbus, Ohio
Job Information
1.- Deliver and maintain the molding process with Acceptance criteria of product.
2.- Give training to production people when is neccesary and required by the supervisor.
3.- Place and maintain the Psheet in safe area.
4.- Ensure the scales is working properly, if not report to Maintenance or if need calibration report to Bree Isaka.
5.- Adjust the aluminum rules in the cutting table accord by Psheet.
6.- Adjust the Laser if the Psheet require.
7.- Verify and coordinate the deflash operator is working based in Best practices of deflash.
8.- Verify and coordinate to check every hour the quality of the molding parts in the wip rack.
9.- Report to Quality department about Issues with IMC,SMC or Molding parts out of specification.
10.- Report to Tooling department when the mold have any issues.
11.- Report to Maintenance department when the press have any issues.
12.- Filled the Daily Book Log.
13.- Maintain the thermocouple in good conditions and shape.
14.- Report to Engineering when you have any improvement or deviation process.
15.- Generate any deviation process by online or make in the psheet if needed.
16.- Coordinate the mold change must be finished in 2.5hrs or 1.5hrs depende of the size.
17.- Coordinate and Maintain the leveling post in good shape.
18.- Communicate to Schedule programmer by email or phone when mold change was cancelled or pending.
19.- Ensure the correctly use of PPE of Setup Tech’s.
20.- Audit at least one time a shift the IMC preparation.
21.- Ensure load the parameters accord by psheet or parameters format.
22.- Give support in the next shift to start production on time and avoid delays.
23.- Present at least one cost saving project a year.
24.- Disciple to adjust the temperature accord by Psheet.
25.- Fill the Book log Temperatures.
26.- Attend in the floor at least 15 minutes before start the shift to see the issues,pendings or things to do.
27.- Make shot size weight before start production.
28.- Reference of the press must be close to Zero.
29.- Fill the Press setup report before start production.
30.- Report to supervisor any unsafe condition.
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