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Core Molding Technologies’ commitment to provide customers with quality production parts all the time has been a key focus at all facilities since Core’s inception. Each production facility holds specific production and quality certifications and has established quality controls and standards.
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We have a broad distribution of facilities across North America to provide you with the best option of strategic geographic locations to suit your needs.
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Core has a broad distribution of manufacturing processes spread out across our locations to allow product to meet our customers’ varied program requirements.
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Custom Designed SMC
We have trademarked SMC formulations as well as up to 15 SMC formulations currently in use. Let our chemists formulate application specific SMCs for any of your needs.
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Committed Market Teams
Core has full-time market managers committed and devoted to individual markets, allowing for personalized support for all of your product development needs.
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Low and High Volume
Core is dedicated to providing the highest quality and best service to all projects, regardless of volume.
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We have expert capabilities from product design to Production and Service. We collaborate with customers to create new products and improve existing products using design development and product enhancement.
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Supply Chain
Core has an extensive history of establishing reliable and competitive suppliers to support any customer production and development need. We are also vertically integrated for sheet molding compounds, which reduces costs and controls quality.
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