Sustainability at Core Molding

Our goal is to ensure our handprint exceeds our footprint through the positive impacts of our people and products.

For us, sustainability is about meeting the needs of the present while leaving the world a better place for the future. Sustainability is at the heart of our business, from the products we make to the way we make them. We’re committed to considering the future in the decisions we make today, and working to expand our handprint while we reduce our footprint.

Our sustainability approach has three aspects:

  • Product and Process Sustainability
  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Social Sustainability

Product and Process Sustainability

Core Molding Technologies specializes in large-format moldings and offers a range of fiberglass processes including compression molding of SMC, GMT, D-LFT and BMC; spray-up, hand-lay-up, V-RTM and RIM.

Sustainability is a key driver for our composite product research and development. Our materials development team continues to investigate the use of organic and renewable materials. We also incorporate natural fiber composites in our structural design and manufacturing processes, which help reduce synthetic material processing.

Not only are we researching alternative materials that reduce environmental impact, we’re also working aggressively toward scrap reduction, reusability and utilizing recycled material from the use of recycled paper products and expendable packaging to our end products. Within our thermoplastics product line, we strive to use recycled material as an alternative to prime materials, stressing our desire to convert waste into useable products.

Environmental Sustainability

Core’s commitment to environmental sustainability is emphasized with their facilities being ISO 14001 Certified. This standard defines the requirements for an environmental management system by focusing on the systematic development of a process of continues improvement. It focuses on efficient use of energy and raw materials, as well as waste minimization and risk prevention. Considering this standard, Core commits to obtain, maintain and keep current all required environmental permits and registrations. All employees are required to comply with operational and reporting requirements. Core supports a proactive approach to environmental challenges and encourages initiatives to promote environmental awareness and responsibility. Core will comply with all applicable environmental laws and regulations and will promptly develop and implement changes to correct any non-compliance issues as Core is made aware.

Social Sustainability

Corporate Responsibility

Core recognizes its social responsibility and commitment to our employees and to the communities in which we live and work. As an organization, Core requires that our employees comply with all policies related to our corporate responsibilities and report any activities that may violate such policies and standards.

  • Health and Safety
  • Human Rights
  • Corruption and Ethics
  • Compliance


Our commitment is to provide a safe, secure, and healthy environment for all CORE employees.

We have occupational safety standards and industry best practices that each employee must follow.  No achievement is worth sacrificing safety.  We are continually reviewing our safety procedures to ensure they are up-to-date and effective.  To help provide the safest environment possible, we ask that employees report all injuries, no matter how minor, including near misses even though no one was inured. We comply with all local, state, and federal laws that govern working hours, compensation, statutory leave, etc.

Violence of any kind is entirely unacceptable and will not be tolerated. Following simple guidelines, we can avoid violence all together.  Be polite and respectful; report any behavior that threatens or harms anyone; never possess weapons, which include firearms, ammunition, explosives, or any other device, which is intended to be used as a weapon, while on Company property.

All Company properties are drug and alcohol free. Employees under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol are not only less likely to meet performance standards, they pose grave security and safety risks to their fellow employees and themselves. Therefore, our policy prohibits manufacturing, distributing, dispensing, possessing, or using illegal substances and/or being under the influence of alcohol while on Company premises, including Company vehicles, and while on Company business.

COVID-19 Actions

Matamoros Plant
All employees must pass through a disinfecting spray booth (mist) prior to entering the plant.

Gaffney Plant
Employee entrance with self-certification station.

Cobourg Plant
Sanitizers at all computer terminals in the plant.

Cincinnati Plant
160 Handmade masks sewn by employee Gail Breakiron to give to each Cincinnati employee.

Columbus Plant
Sick Employee Response Process and Kits have been distributed throughout the facility.

Winona Plant
Breakroom set up to allow social distancing, with table/chair cleaning supplies, reminder sign, and staggered breaks to allow for one employee per table at any time.

Monterrey Plant
Temperature check to all employees prior to entering plant and must wear mask while in the plant.


We pride ourselves on our commitment to the protection of Human Rights. We do not knowingly associate or do business with any individual or company that participates in any of the following:  exploitation of children or child labor, physical punishment, forced, involuntary or compulsory labor, unlawful discrimination or human trafficking. Consequently, we choose business partners dedicated to the health and safety of their workers and who abide by these same core principles. We obey all local laws regarding minimum employment age and will not employ anyone under the age of 18 in our manufacturing facilities.


Core expects the highest standards of integrity from its employees in all business interactions with a strict prohibition against all forms of corruption, extortion and embezzlement.

Core will never pay, offer, promise, or authorize the payment, directly or indirectly, of any bribe or corrupt payment (in the form of money or anything of value) to anyone for the purpose of inducing or rewarding any favorable action or obtaining any improper advantage. ted.

Core maintains a process for employees to raise issues of concern in a confidential manner. Core will ensure that the employee’s  


In all areas of Core business operations, employees must comply with all applicable laws, regulations and directives of the countries and regions in which the organization operates. Additionally, Core will ensure that its employees receive adequate information and training in relation to all relevant legal, regulatory and internal requirements that apply to their jobs.

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